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My darlings. Greetings and welcome to the undead and aspiring undead among you.

As you know, our lives as vampires are no longer what they used to be. Once, in a glorious frenzy of bloodlust, we could seduce humans, feed and kill undetected, but no more. Now millions follow our every move in books, TV, film and on this wonderful web.

I''m hardly surprised. We are irresistible no? So erotic, so dangerous, so charming. And we possess two things every human  desires more than anything.

Eternal life.

Eternal thinness. 

And yet, I will be frank. We, you, need to dress better. The black capes, velvet gowns, pasty faces and bloodshot eyes have to go. We have committed the worst sin one can, dead or undead.

We have become a cliché. If I wasn't already dead, I would stake myself over this.

My dear  bloodsuckers, we now live in a century where image is everything. Breathers  have  done research that reveals how you  look determines how people relate to you, and  therefore offer their necks to you.

Dress fabulously, feed fantastically!

I know the names Dior, Balmain, Versace and Calvin Klein are not familiar to you, and yet they must be. Let me help you reinvent yourself as an undead fashionista, an aficionado of haute couture, ready-to-wear, the Gap and Topshop.

Trust me, nightwalkers. I have worked in the fashion industry in Paris, Milan, London and New York. I knew Marie Antoinette, sewed gowns for Christian Dior and designed for Ralph Lauren. I have styled stars for the Oscars and now work inside a major fashion magazine. 

And I am a vampire. No, I’m not the only one in the fashion industry. We undead toil inside a number of  fabulously chic establishments, some even run them.

Oh, darlings, if only you knew.

 Scarlett xxxx

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About the Author

Photo: Suzanne Miller

Scarlett Stoker is a vampire who was born a Russian princess in 1716 in St. Petersburg. Raised in luxury, Scarlett developed an appreciation for beautiful clothes and dazzling jewelry early. As a child her favorite object was not a doll or teddy bear, but an ermine trimmed  silk cloak she wore on trips to the country.

As a young royal she was taught sewing, embroidery, French, and horse riding in preparation for her betrothal to a French prince. In 1731 Scarlett was married and living in Paris when she took a lover, a certain Count from Austria who had business in the French capital.

Obsessed with Scarlett’s great beauty and wit, one month into their affair the Count made her a vampire so she could be his lover for all eternity. (They are still entwined, though he lives now in London and she in New York) Becoming undead forced Scarlett to leave her family, lest she destroy them in bloodlust.  

Suddenly a woman alone, she had to support herself. Using her brilliant skills at sewing and her deep love of  fashion, through the centuries Scarlett has worked to dress and inspire the great and the good, including toiling inside the court of  Marie Antoinette and  the atelier of Christian Dior.

In the last century she moved to the United States, where she has worked in a design house on Seventh Avenue and celebrity stylist. Today she can be found on the masthead of a famous fashion magazine, still hungry, after all these years, to spread the gospel of  chic.

Still hungry too, for blood.

Over the centuries Scarlett has taken many lovers, for which she is unashamed. Her most adored was the Irish writer Bram Stoker, who after learning of her dark  secret was inspired to write the novel Dracula for her. Later, after his death, she would take his name in appreciation.

Many of the men in Scarlett’s life were well dressed, but those who weren't, she made over. Some she even turned into vampires.